S Class - Caldera and Barcode on OPOSCAM

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Caldera RIP has built in a barcode server to drive the Summa Cutters when using barcode workflow. However, this is not user-friendly when using multiple cutters extra problems arise when using OPOSCAM roll cutters. From following version of Caldera (version 11.1 with patch 170831) in combination with the SummaCutter Control barcode server, has a solution for this. Since this version of Caldera the files with the cut data can be generated automatically and saved onto a server. Summa Cutter Control barcode server can then drive multiple cutters at the same time. For the OPOSCAM cutter, one dedicated computer for each cutter is needed to process the camera data. On this dedicated computer, the Summa Cutter barcode server can run next to camera control and pick up the files with the cut data from the server.


Setup Caldera as usual. In the Cutter driver use following settings:

Connection Type: File (do not forget to set the host name = destination Folder correct)

Settings positioning: Single with marks
Then before starting to print open the driver and click on “AutoCut”. As long as this window is active, cut files will be generated automatically.

Setup Cutter Control Barcode server

If multiple cutters, excluding OPOSCAM, are used, then one Windows PC is needed to setup up Summa Cutter Control with its barcode server. The barcode server on this computer enables communication with up to 4 cutters using an USB connection in combination with up to 8 cutters using Ethernet connection.
If an OPOSCAM cutter is used, then one Windows PC with Summa Cutter control is needed per cutter.

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