S Class 2 - Barcode Activation

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The cutter is able to read the barcode printed below the job. The barcode format has to be formatted using the PostNet format . Only when working with this kind of workflow the barcode functionality needs to be activated. When the function is not used than there is no need to activate the barcode functionality. In that case make sure your alignment mode is not set on BARCODE (see user manual - OPOS - https://www.summa.com/media/o1sdqcho/scl2_en.pdf).

On new cutters the barcode functionality has to be activated. Activation is done by entering a code at the front panel. The activation code can be obtained by filling in a form on the website of Summa (https://www.summa.com/en/support/product-registration/). After filling in the form, the activation code is displayed, as well as an email is sent.

This procedure describes how to activate the barcode functionality using the control panel on the cutter.


Determine the serial number of the cutter                                  

1. Power on the cutter (media not needed).                                                                                                                    

2. Press the S Class logo                                                                                                                                         

3. Note the serial number of the machine 


1. Use your internet browser and navigate to https://www.summa.com/en/support/product-registration/.

2. Fill in the form.

3. Click the “Send” button.

4. An activation code will be displayed:

5. You will also receive an email with the a link to the activation code:


1. Power on the cutter (media not needed).

2. Press

3. Press

4. Enter the activation code by using the numeric keys

5. press 
to confirm.

6. Press to return to the main menu.

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