When you output a a job with video markers in SummaFlex and the camera moves to the opposite direction to get the marker in the center of the camera image. Than this could be cause by a wrong setting in the camera driver or a bad camera. With old camera's (machines made before May 2013) you could change camera driver settings. These camera driver settings should not be changed. Below you find a print screen of the setting of a new and an old camera driver. To be able to see the camera driver settings you need to output a “print&cut” job in SummaFlex PRO. Then right click the camera window and select “Default Settings” – “Video Settings” – “Video Source”:

Old camera driver settings (machine before May 2013)New camera driver settings

When the "Mirror" option would be set active than the machine would move to the opposite direction, as shown in the video attached.

When the image is rotated and it is not related to the camera driver setting than it could be advised to replace the camera, please contact your dealer in this case.