When the printer does scale the printout in one direction than SummaFlex will fail to find the markers on correct place in each panel. 

During the search for markers SummaFlex will automatically adjust the search path when the job is scales. So when the markers are printed at a bigger distance from each other SummaFlex will adjust the search path to a bigger distance to search for next markers. However SummaFlex does use X and Y positioning to change the search path.

When a job is only scaled in one direction,e.g. a printout of W:30cm L:100 cm becomes Width:30cm Length:110cm. In this case it is common that SummaFlex will have troubles reading the first marker in one direction in each panel as it will use one compensation during the reading.

When this is seen it is imperative to calibrate the printer on the material the customer is using. When this would not be possible than SummaFlex can be set to give priority to one scaling compensation to make sure the machine will find the markers without user interference.

Example of scaling issue

In the video attached you see the output from a scaled printout. When you output this job with SummaFlex it will perfectly find the markers in the first panel (with some guidance). However in the machine outputs the second panel it will first read the markers in Y axis. Than it starts the reading of the X markers on one side. The machine will adjust the marker reading scaling to the It will use the scaling factor of the Y axis to start reading the X markers, due to this 


Open "OptiScout.ini"

add following text:



Different PreCalcMode options:

0: Same scaling in both axis.

1: Individual scaling for X and Y axis if the scaling is more than 4%

2: Individual scaling for X and Y axis