General Info

Cutter blades are used to cut various types of soft, flexible and semi-rigid materials. This blade guide attached gives general information on selecting the proper blade, blade holder and accessories to use for a variety of common sign industry materials.


There are two styles of blades; the first are Drag Knife blades which swivel around corners while staying in contact with the material. The second are Tangential Knife blades which lift and rotate the blade to the correct orientation giving a more precise cut.

Knifes (Blades)

Drag knifes (blades):

  • 391-360: Standard Drag knife 36° - fits in standard holder (391-332)
  • 391-231: Specialty Drag knife 60°- fits in standard holder (391-332)
  • 391-358: Sandblast Drag knife 55° - need special holder (391-363)

Tangential knifes (blades):

  • 390-534: Standard 36° Blade
  • 390-551: Double Edge 36° Blade
  • 390-560: Double Wedge 45° Blade
  • 390-550: Sandblast 60° Blade