In case the computer does not have a serial port you can work with a serial/usb adaptor.. Do not forget to install the driver of the adaptor and keep in mind the cutter is still connected serial ( software settings)

Make sure you are using the correct (original) serial cable. Below you find a draw how the wires should be connected in the cable.

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When the cutter is connected Serial you do not need a driver, you have to set the correct settings in your cutting software.

From Windows XP on, we worked with a program called WinPlot.

This program can import eps and ai files and then send data to the cutter.

We do not work with a ‘Windows based printer driver’.

You can download the program WinPlot from our website.

This program works as a 'cutter driver'.

When your cutter is not in the list of cutters in WinPlot then install the “Summa Legacy” cutter, make sure you set the port settings correct.

There exists also a plug- in for Corel 12->2018 and Illustrator CS1->CC

This gets rid of the hassle to export and import.

The program Summa Cutter Control can be used to change the parameters.

Manuals can also be downloaded.

This explains in short how WinPlot works.