F Series - Drag Module Bad Cutting Quality

Modified on Thu, 08 Sep 2022 at 02:46 PM

Start of the line is not cut, shows a small burr on each letter/shape.

First of all it is important to use a new knife, these kind of issues could be due to worn out knife.

Second could be used knife holder. The knife runs on bearings, when bearings in the knife holder are worn out than the knife will no longer rotate fast enough and only rotate when cutting at knife pressure (too late).


It is important that the knife holder is set about 4 mm above your material and the knife does not stick out too much.
The height of the tool can be verified with the ruler at the side, as displayed on the picture below:

Now when the sticker is positioned wrong it has no use to use the sticker as a reference. The reference would be that the bottom of the knife holder should be positioned 4mm above your conveyor when the ruler is set to zero. With 4 screws at the back you can adjust the height (number 2 on the picture above).

Also make sure the knife sticks out about 0,2 mm (not too much), the more it sticks out the faster you could have bouncing issues, causing the machine not to cut the start of the line.


Than next is the landing setting; The landing of the drag module can only be set when you start Summa Axis Control in Service mode (while you push the SHIFT button). 
The landing determines, among other things, the force at which the tool hits the media. When calibrating the landing, the tool holder with the knife must be inserted in the head. Be sure that the knife does not protrude.
Lower the landing value until the tool is in the “up” position. Raise the drag landing value step-by-step; with each unit of change, continue checking if the tool is completely down yet. Once the tool is completely down, raise the value back up four units, and this becomes the proper setting. 

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