The summacut ethernet module provides a web page to configure the module. Default user name is ‘admin’ and default password is ‘admin’.  

Some settings may cause ethernet communication issues. 

Please do not change any settings not mentioned here! 

  1. Misc Config page: “Reset Timeout 
    When no data is seen on TCP during  this time, the ethernet module will reset. This reset takes about 4s.  
    After this reset the ethernet connection becomes available again, but any previous connection is closed. 
    If you would like to keep your Summacut online continuously, please increase this setting. 


  1. “TTL1” page: “PRINT” 
    By default “PRINT” is disabled, which means that 8 clients are allowed to listen to the same socket at the same time. All clients get the same data. 
    As we use bidirectional communication, this can cause issues when multiple clients send data to the summacut. 
    Please enable the “PRINT” option to avoid this.