F Series - Remote Controller Not Working

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When remote controller is no longer connected you will not have the green LED in Axis control.

First of all check the obvious thing like does the battery work, does the remote controller still work? When you push the sync key at the back the led's at the bottom of the remote should start blinking, if this is not the case than this means the battery is empty or the remote is broken.

A complete kit for the wireless remote controller can be ordered with Part number 500-9202 F Series Remote Controller system. This includes the remote controller, wireless bar and batteries + charger.

The remote controller is linked with a bluetooth device to the computer depending of the age of the machine another device will be used. Latest devices (since September 2018) are shipped with a wireless bar. These wireless bars are automatically detected by Windows and drivers are installed automatically. Older systems will need a seperate driver installed.

Due to a Windows update the driver may need reinstallation, this could be a cause of the communication loss.

Different types of bluetooth devices, on left side the old dongles right side the wireless bar (shipped with all units since September 2018): 
oude types (usb bluetooth dongles)nieuwe wireless bar (since September 2018)

The old USB sticks were more difficult to connect. Also the remote controller needed to be connect each time you did reboot. Now with the wireless bar the connection setup only need to be done onces during installation.

For the old sticks you will need specific drivers that you can download from the Summa website or from de supplier website:

Summa website: https://www.summa.eu/en/flatbed-cutter-downloads 

Toshiba: https://www.summa.eu/downloads?file=tc00632300g.exe

Bluesoleil: http://www.bluesoleil.com/ 

How to make the connection with the old systems I would refere to the user manual (https://www.summa.eu/en/user-manuals )

For Wireless bar the connection setup is very straight forward and only need to be done once during the installation of the system. When bar is connected to computer you need to sync it only one time with the remote controller. To sync push the sync button on the remot and wireles bar. This will sync the remote and connect it to the computer.

Wireless bar - Sync buttonWireless Remote Controller - Sync button

When the remote controller is working but it is acting weird, than this could be due to the wrong mode selection on the wireless bar. Make sure the mode is set to "MODE 4":

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