SGP v1 - Cut from backside using Legacy action set (cut out marks)

Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 01:32 PM

To be able to use the procedure below you will have to make sure you use the latest version of Summa GoProduce (v1.10.27 or higher)

This cut from backside Legacy action set will first cut out the "Reg marks" and than ask you to flip the sheet to detect the cut out marks and then cut the job from the backside.

Cut from backside using edge detection is more up to date version of cut from backside. In this actionset it will scan the media edges this way the markers do not need to be cut. However edges must be within the working area of th unit.

Advantage  You do not have to take in account the position of the edges of the media as with cut from backside with edge detection.

Disadvantage is the machine will need to cut out the markers to make that possible. Sometimes it is very difficult to cut such a small markers in certain materials.

Video attached (made for service purpose only)

SETUP - Import the legacy action set:

1) Make sure to use the latest GoProduce (version 1.10.27 or higher)
2) Import the "Legacy" action set "Output with backside cutting mirror Y":

3) The action set you will find at the bottom, you can rename it by right click on the botton:

SETUP - define "Thru-cut Regmark":

In the material manager you will have to assign a tool to the "Thru-cut Regmark". This is needed to make sure the software does know what tool to use when it needs to cut the regmarks.
Below we will setup the material manager and the Thru-cut methode to cut out the regmarks with a router. Same workflow is used for other tools.

1) Open the material you will use for routing from backside. In this example we will use the "Aluminium Composite Board". Right click the picture of the "Aluminium Composite Board".

2) The Material settings will now appear: 

3) Add an new method to the "Material":

4) A new method is added

5) Change the method "Draw" to "Thru-cut regmark"

6) Change the tool that needs to be used for the "Thru-cut regmark" method

7) In this case we add the HF router and set it as the default tool:

8) Make sure to set the settings correct of the tool to rout the regmarks correctly - When using a cut-out tool (for example to cut cardboard from backside) than you can skip "7)":

7) When using a router to cut out markers make sure to set "Routing path" to "Keep outer shape". This to make sure the marker is routed from the inside. As mentioned in previous step when using a cutout tool than this step can be skipped. When usin a cutout tool the machine will cut out a square around the mark.

Now the material manager is setup for "Aluminium Composite Board" - "2 mm"; when you want to use the same settings for different thicknesses than repeat above process. Also when you want the use the "Thru-cut regmark" methode for other materials than add it to the different materials.

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