Summa Plugin for Adobe Illustrator no longer works since Illustrator 27.1.1 (Mac OS)

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MacSign Plug-in downloads


"MacSign Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 2021-23 (Mac OS)" is a collection of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator that allow you to output jobs directly from Illustrator to a Summa roll cutter for macOS.


The MacSign Plug-in (1.0.2) can be found on our download page:


Summa manuals can be downloaded from following page:

Summa Plug-in download:

"Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 - 2022 Plug-in for macOS" - Plug-in for macOS for Adobe Illustrator CC 2018-23. Adding registration marks generated in Illustrator CC. To be used with Summa GoProduce, GoProduce Laser Edition, GoSign or SummaFlex. 

Download can be found on our download page:


MacSign Plug-in downloads

Starting with certain Apple Mac models introduced in late 2020, Apple began the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon in Mac computers.

Latest MacSign Plug-in is compatible with the new type of Apple silicon (M-chip) processors. 

Summa Plug-in download:

The Summa OPOS Plug-in is not running in the "Native mode". For this reason you will have to Illustrator in Emulation mode (see below: "Run Illustrator in Emulation mode").

Secondly the Summa OPOS Plug-in is not supported in the latest version of Illustrator v 271.1 (also not when running in Intel mode or on Mac without M-chip). As Illustrator is making their updates automatically the software will suddenly pop-up with an error after the update to v271.1. To resolve this you will have to run the Illustrator in v27.0.1 (see below: "Install Illustrator v27.0.1").

This as a temporary fix unit Summa does make a Plug-in update.

Install Illustrator v27.0.1

Summa OPOS Plug-in is not supported in the latest version of Illustrator v 271.1, for this reason you will temporary have to go back to version 27.0.1 when Summa OPOS plugin is used.

How to check your Illustrator version

The installed version of Illustrator can be checked in the Adobe Creative Cloud app

The Summa Plug-in will only be compatible till version v27.0.1

When you have a higher version you need to install the older version

How to install Illustrator v27.0.1

In the Adobe Creative Cloud app press on the "..." next to the Illustrator and select "Other versions"

Now select under Illustrator (27.0.1) under "Older versions"

Run Illustrator in Emulation mode

How do I check what chip I have?

On Mac computers with Apple silicon, About This Mac shows an item labeled Chip, followed by the name of the chip:

To open About This Mac, choose Apple menu > About This Mac.

Rosetta emulation

Until now the Summa Plugin only works natively on Intel based processors.

However, if you own a new Mac with an M1 chip it is also possible but with an emulation software called Rosetta.

When you try to run Illustrator with the Summa Plugin installed without using the emulation software you will get following error message:


You’re probably already using Rosetta without realizing it. The first time you launched an app that requires it, an alert appeared to tell you the Rosetta is needed and ask for your permission to install it. After the installation, Rosetta is automatically available to any app that needs it. 

Open Adobe AI using Rosetta

To open Adobe AI using Rosetta, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Finder.
  2. Select Adobe AI under Applications.
  3. Inside the folder, select Adobe AI again and open the shortcut menu.
  4. Choose Get Info.

5. Check the box 'Open using Rosetta'

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