Board material - Acrylic / Plexi glass

Modified on Mon, 04 Feb 2019 at 11:00 AM

  • There is a wide variety of acrylic from rather soft to very hard.
  • Routing acrylic is convenient although obtaining a smooth/transparent edge requires extra attention.
  • The wear on the bit is higher than on PVC but still acceptable.
  • It is advised not use bits that have been in other materials
  • Summa’s universal bits can route acrylic, however the edge quality isn’t optimal. Specialized bit stores have specific bits for Acrylic.
  • Standard router:
    • Speed (4mm Summa bit) : 60mm/sec•Higher speed is possible but effects edge quality significant.
  • To obtain better edge quality, a lower speed (10-40mm/sec)  for the cleaning pass is recommended
  • Counter clock wise - (small bit (3mm) – clock wise)•The edge quality improves with thicker bit diameters•Using a cleaning pass is strongly recommended.•Embossing large areas in clear acrylic will not look very good.

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