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Special combinations of registration mark colour/ media colour or media texture might need special camera profiles. Such a profiles can be made by Summa. There are some profiles already pre-installed when SummaFlex Pro is installed. They can be found in the directory C:\Program Files\Summa\SummaFlex Pro\cutter\img. 

The procedure to install extra profiles or to change the profile in SummaFlex Pro is described below.

Procedure to add new custom made profiles (made by Summa)

This is very straight forward. When you received a custom made profile from Summa it will be a *.ipp file.

1) Close SummaFlex

2) Copy the file in the designated directory of the camera profiles: C:\Program Files\Summa\SummaFlex Pro\cutter\img

Procedure to change the profile in SummaFlex

1) Open SummaFlex

2) Output a job with regmarks

3) Click on "Mark settings - Edit..." - "Mark type" - chang the value to "User defined"

4) Output

5) Click the preview button. Another window will open.  Move the cursor in the camera view area, right click and then go to Default settings -> Mark recognition

6) In the dropdown box next to ‘Profile’, choose the correct profile.

ATTENTION: Only use a different camera profile from the standard one if the reading of the registration marks gives problems. If the camera profile is not necessary anymore, then it suffices to set the mark type to circle again.  It is not necessary to set the camera profile to its default value again (0.ipp).

NOTE:  It is advised to define special output profiles for different configured camera profiles, see below

Configuring output profile


Settings in the output window can be saved in Profiles. This in order to avoid, having to change certain settings in the output window. Below you can find an example on how to do this. In this case a profile is made for jobs that use sheet material, need a special camera profile for the markers and with no pause between reading the markers and cutting.


1) Open a job and go to the output window (go to File -> Output… Or use the Output to device macro).

2) Click Edit next to Mark settings and change it to User defined.

3) Click Roll next to Material and choose sheet.

4) Click Manual-> Production next to production mode and choose production.

5) Click Manage profiles and choose Add.

6) Choose a name which clearly explains the profile, fill it out and click OK.

7) Perform the first job and change the camera profile as described above. After the job is done, the camera profile will automatically be linked to the profile.

Mesh material

As an example we added "Mesh.ipp".

This profile is specially made for "mesh textile materials" 

When none of the standard profiles work to detect the markers than this "mesh" profile could be used

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