Job does not open when using a hand barcode scanner

Modified on Tue, 6 Sep, 2022 at 12:26 PM

Check the scanner workflow

First of all check the name of the scanned file and the files in the folder. Check if the name of the barcode does correspond.

To exclude problems with the creation of the job we suggest to start with the Summa demo file.

The file can be found in the SummaFlex folder under Program Files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Summa\SummaFlex Pro\Job

  1. Open the job in SummaFlex (File -> Open...)
  2. Print the job on a desktop printer, make sure it is not scaled.
  3. Place the job on the table
  4. So make sure to set the file path in SummaFlex correct before you try:
  5. When scanner is working fine than following job should open:

When the Summa demo files opens fine than please check the filename of the jobs created.

Other issue could be the network settings (see below)

Check network settings

When the barcode jobs are stored on a netwerk drive than make sure to use the IP-address to setup the folder name instead of a "mapped network drive name"

Below you see an example of the "Barcode Import path setup":

Use the IP address to setup the network path   
Do not use the mapped network drive. Summaflex will not be able to find the barcode jobs

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