S Class 2 - OPOS-CAM Offset Calibration

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This procedure describes how to change the OPOS Calibration via the touch panel on the cutter.

It is necessary to load media in the cutter to perform the tests.

For this test you will need to load black vinyl with a white backing.

Incase you are using a cutter with a drag head, insert the knife holder into the rear of the dual head clamp.

Check knife depth (knife pressure) and knife offset before performing the tests.

Start Summa Cutter Control 5, as this is used for the image processing.

Connect the cutter to the computer using the USB cable (mandatory).

OPOS Offset Calibration

Now we can calibrate the offset between the knife and the OPOS sensor. This is described in the next procedure:

1. Turn on the cutter and load the vinyl.

2. Press .
The main menu will appear on the screen.

3. Press .
More menu items will appear on the screen.

4. Press .
The different OPOS configuration menus will appear on screen.

5. Press .
The cutter will cut out a square measuring approximately 30x30mm with a second small square inside of approximately 3x3 mm, and moves the media forward. “Weed out the rectangle” will appear on the display.

6. Carefully weed the square, making sure the inner square stays intact. Press   .

7. The OPOS-camera will read the position of the small rectangle and calibrate itself accordingly.

Now the calibration is finalized.

OPOS Offset Verification

To verify above calibrations were performed successfully, a test can be made by cutting a contour from Summa Cutter Control. An A4 test sheet should be printed on paper using a desktop printer (laser printer or inkjet printer). This test sheet can then be loaded in the cutter, and the contour is then sent by Summa Cutter Control.

Follow next procedure to verify the calibration:

1. Start Summa Cutter Control.

2. Click the Actions button.

3. Click the “Print OPOS Test” (1). This launches Adobe Acrobat Reader with the test sheet. Make sure the sheet is not printed to scale (select “Actual Size”)!

4. Load the sheet in the machine.

5. Press the “Cut OPOS Test” button (2) in Summa Cutter Control.

6. You are now offered the option to cut with a knife pressure as defined in the cutter (1), or to use a predefined pressure of 20 grams (2) to only scratch the printed media. In case the test was printed on 80 gram paper, then option 2 may be used.

7. The cutter will ask you to set the knife above the first mark (3). Do so and press ENTER.

8. The machine will cut out one OPOS test (4). Check if it is cut correctly. If not then you need to redo the OPOS calibration. 

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