Roll Cutter - Tracking Issues

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 09:19 AM

Check the tracking of the unit and the remarks below:

  • Make sure the media is loaded straight:


  • You can recognize tracking issues at the track that the wheels/yellow sleeves make on the media, below you find a picture of a good track and a bad track. You can see this track clearly at the backside of the media after you did the cut job.

  • The wheels and yellow drums have to be free of dirt and other residue .
  • The front media roll (the brake roll) has to brake a bit. So if you turn the roll quickly it should stop after a second. The rear roll has to turn further for a while.
  • The middle pinch roller has to be above a yellow sleeve when set down. The left and the right pinch roller always need to be set above a yellow sleeve. All pinch rollers must be set above the media, only the outer pinch rollers create the proper pressure for creating a track. Inside pinch roller only there to guide the media (not to create track for proper tracking
  • Pinch wheels should be in good condition
  • Make sure to put the pinch wheels in up position when the unit is not used to make sure the wheels do not get flattened on one side
  • Make sure the material is not loaded on a track that is already made on the media. Two media tracks on top of each other will create shifts due to media moving from one track to the other.
  • There has to be some play on the handle that raises the pinch rollers in the down position
  • Use the core holders and core holder guiding’s on the brake roll to ensure a good media loading.
  • Check the pinch roller wheels and replace them if necessary.
  • Make sure AUTOLOAD is active when working from roll material
  • Check if the adjustable media support roll at the back is set in correct position (Parallel to the fixed roll).
  • Check if the fan in the base of the cutter is still working and is not full of dust blocking the airflow 
  • Make sure the media and the machine stay in the same room, high temperature and humidity differences will influence the media causing it to shrink or expand during processing on the unit.

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