Roll Cutter - Too Much Overcut

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 05:31 PM

Issue: Overcut too big

1 - Overcut and paneling (up to and including firmware MD9981 revision 25!)

When paneling, or OPOS paneling, has been activated, then a minimum overcut of 0.5 mm is used. The default overcut value is 0,5mm. So even when you set the overcut parameter to 0 the machine will still make an overcut of 0.5mm in case the unit panels the job. When you set your overcut above 0.5 mm, the machine will make a bigger overcut in the panels.

This minimum overcut of 0.5 mm is done to make sure the joint between two panel do match. It also assumes when paneling is used, big signs are made, without small details, causing the bigger overcut to be of no problem. 

This behavior is there already from the old S Class when paneling was introduced in 2006. 

2 - Overcut and paneling (firmware MD9981 revision 26 or higher!)

Since firmware revision 026 on the S Class 2 the minimum overcut of 0,5mm was taken out. When using firmware revision 26 or higher, the cutter will use the overcut setting in the machine when paneling is activated. 

3 - Opticut is no overcut

Opticut is a parameter that can be set active to increase the cutting quality in case the knife is worn out or not calibrated correctly.

What Opticut will do is increase the pressure of the knife at the lead-in of the vector. This will improve the drag movement to swivel the knife at the start of the vectors. However, when this is done with a new knife you will have a clear cut at the start of the cutting lines that seems like a longer overcut line.

4 - 3rd party software 

Some software programs may overwrite the cutter settings and set at the start of every job some parameters. Try a simple job with Summa WinPlot, after you checked above settings, to check if the overcut also appears with this software. WinPlot will not overwrite the cutter settings.

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