The message will be displayed as a result of not being able to communicate with the cutter using a network interface.

This could be because the machine was connected using the USB interface while a network connection has been selected.

Or the IP address of the cutter has changed.

In this case the configuration of WinPlot needs to be checked.

When using the USB interface, set this in WinPlot.

You’ll have to close all documents in WinPlot before being able to check for this. Or restart WinPlot. There should be no documents open in WinPlot.

Then click on [Design] - [Cutters] -[Setup Cutter...] and select one of the cutter configurations in the list.

Click [OK] to continue.

In the next dialog box, select the communication interface to be used.


 When the machine is switched on and connected to the computer, you can use the “Auto detect” button.

Then from the list select the interface to be used.

Or you can click on "Manual input" and select "USB" (or the interface used) from the Communication Port list.