Summa Printer Tools for DC5 has not yet been updated to support installing the plug-in for CorelDRAW 202x (in special now CorelDRAW 2021).

Until then, the plug-in can be installed manually by copying the necessary files to the plug-in directory of CorelDRAW 202x.

To manually install the plug-in for CorelDRAW 202x, follow the next steps:

  • Close CorelDRAW 202x.
  • Save the attached file to the computer, e.g. to Documents\Summa.
  • Open "Explorer" and navigate to the directory the file was saved to.
  • Double-click the saved file.

  • A new window opens displaying the contents of the compressed file.
  • A window may open asking what application to open the compressed file. Choose "File Explorer".


  • Copy this file: click this file and type [Ctrl] + [C], or right click this file and select "Copy".

  • Navigate to ┬áthe CorelDRAW 202x directory: "C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 202x\Draw".
  • Paste the file in this directory: click [Ctrl] + [V], or right click in this directory and select "Paste":


  • Start CorelDRAW 202x.
  • A floating toolbar with grayed out buttons should be visible.

  • Once a design has been created, the buttons will become clickable.

Keep in mind not all versions of CorelDRAW support plug-ins. Only the Graphics Suite supports plug-ins:

(CorelDraw 2021 - Corel Draw 2021 - Corel 2021)