S Class 2 - USB Class Configuration

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In order to be able to use multiple cutters on one computer, it is necessary for the computer to differentiate all the cutters from each other.

To differentiate each cutter, there is the option to define the logical USB port.

The following options are available:

  • SUMMA USB port 1
  • SUMMA USB port 2
  • SUMMA USB port 3
  • SUMMA USB port 4

The first four options can be used to differentiate the cutter from each other. Setting each cutter to another logical USB port, it is possible to connect up to four cutters to one computer.

To be able to use the USB port, the USB driver needs to be installed from the Summa Website:


USB Cutter driver download link

Download the USB driver. Double-click on the downloaded driver to start the installation process. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation.

The last option (PRINTER UNI) is intended for use with a printer server or for the cutter to emulate a printer. This option is usually used for sharing the cutter over a network. When using this option, it is not possible to query information from the cutter, e.g. the software cannot read the media size from the cutter.

Use the following procedure to set the desired USB Class using the touch screen of the cutter:

1. Disconnect the USB cable from the cutter.

2.  Power on the cutter.

3. Press [Settings]

4. Press [More]

5. Press [Communication]

6. Press [USB Class]

7. Select the desired USB Class and press [Apply]

8. Power down the cutter.

9. Power on the cutter.

10.  Connect the USB cable directly from the cutter to the computer.

11. The computer will detect a new device. Follow the wizard to install the cutter for use with the new USB class.

  1. In case the USB Class used is “USB port 1”, “USB port 2”, “USB port 3” or “USB port 4”, then follow the wizard to install the cutter for use with the new USB class.
  2. In case the USB Class used is “Printer uni”, ignore the wizard to install a driver, and select the option to not install the driver in the future either. A new port “USB001” will be created which then can be used as a printer driver, or with a printer sharing device.

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