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Setting up a cutter module

Making sure cutter module is active (loaded). Go to options -> versions -> modules. Make sure box

before PRINT&CUT module is checked.

Setting up a cutter for a certain printer in Colorgate

  1. Go to Printer -> Properties.

  2. Click on the Hot folders tab (add one if there has not been one defined yet), then click on settings.

  3. Check box before Enable cutting. Choose the correct device ( SummaSign or S Class) click next to it to set the parameters. It is recommended to create new device parameter sets to combine contourcutting with FlexCut cutting. Set option to create cut job while printing and set folder for cut jobs.

  4. Check box before Extract cut paths from spot colors. Click next to it to add names. Add names and link a parameter set to it. The order in this list is used for the order the data is sent to the cutter. So FlexCut has to be last in list.

Extra info:

set markers on 3 mm (default is 2mm), option to rotate for roll or sheet use ( position barcode and OPOS XY line)
While setting up 3 (2) important directories.
Directory where the design software exports the design to, Colorgate picks it up in the list so it can
be printed.
Directory where the cut files are sent to. The cut files are already in HPGL.
Directory where the printed file can be sent to (useful for testing purposes).

Setting up the cutter in cut server

  1. Startup CutServer. Go to File -> Folder For Cut Jobs. There select the folder that was set in the production server.
  2. Go to settings, select the correct cutter and the correct connection.
    Remark: cut server polls the cutter continuously with encapsulated query command.

Generating output

To print and cut just right click on the file in the list in the lower left corner and choose what to do (print makes print file and cut file). The plt file is then in the directory that was set during setup. The file can be sent to the cutter with the cutserver (works as barcodeserver or just cutserver). If the settings fo rteh cutter are changed, then Colorgate has to be closed and open again before the changes are implemented (or I did something wrong). However closing and opening is often

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