1. Press 'Change Tool' in Axis Control. 

2. Loosen the screw. 

3. Move the top part to the right. 

4. Push the button. Use the wrench to loosen the wheel. Keep turning the wheel until it's loosened. Remove the tool.

5. Hold the gliding disk firmly between your fingers. Loosen the screw. Remove the gliding disk carefully.

6. Remove the tiny screw with the hex key. 

7.  Replace the knife carefully. push it until the end. 

8.Tighten the new screw with the hex key

9. Replace the gliding disk. With the slot oriented to the pin. Tighten the screw. 

10. Push the button. Keep turning until the pin falls in the slot. 

11. Keep turning the wheel until it's tightened. 

12. Use the tool wrench to tighten the wheel. 

13. Move the module to the left until it clicks in. 

14. Tighten the screw. Make sure the arrow is at the top when you push it in. 

15. Press 'Online' in Axis Control.