S Class (2) - Media Length Calibration

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The distance the media feeds through the machine depends on the drive drum radius and the media thickness.

The red colored media (r2) is thicker compared to the blue media (r1). The red media will feed further than the blue media for the same amount of revolutions of the drive drum.

This can be compensated by performing a “media length calibration”. This calibration should be done for every different type of media and is stored per User Configuration. It is advised to change to another User Configuration before the calibration is performed.

It is possible to change the name of the User Configuration to ease the memorization for which media the User Configuration was calibrated.

1. Power on the cutter

2. Load media in the machine for which you want to compensate for the media thickness.

3. Verify knife settings (knife pressure and depth).

4. Click “Settings”

5. Click “More” to move to the next page.

6. Click “Length calibration”.

The cutter will cut a line in the media movement direction. The length of the line depends on the length of the media, and will not exceed 900 mm. The cutter will then trim the media.

7. Weed the small triangles on the line-ends.

8. Measure the length of the line (excluding the triangles).


It is important to measure this length as accurate as possible to have the best compensation. Eventually use a magnifier. Do not use the start of the ruler as a reference.

9. Click “Measure lines” to change the displayed value to the measured length.

10. Click “Apply” to confirm.

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