1. Press 'Change Tool' in Axis Control. 

2. To get the tool out, screw in the fitting aid (1), whilst holding it. Keep turning the wheel (2) until it's loosened.

3. Now you can remove the first part. For safety, you can put the safety piece back on. 

4. Push the button (1) and keep turning the wheel (2).

5. Loosen the screws. 

6. Carefully replace the knife. Align the knife and tip to the black jig.

7. Tighten the screws. 

8. For this knife, the screws are located differently. Also, make sure to align the knife to the black jig. 

9. Insert the tool back in the machine. Push down the button. Keep turning until the pin falls in the slot.


10. Tighten the wheel.


11. Place the button part under the module. Keep the pin at the front side. 

12. Push upwards and keep turning until the pin clicks in. 

13. Tighten the black knob. Remove the fitting aid. 

14. Press 'Online' in Axis Control.