There are two different pneumatic systems. 

this configuration is for the F1612


This configuration is for all the other models.

1. Press 'Change Tool' in Axis Control. 

2. Remove the gliding disk by pulling it down. 

3.  For the F1612. Push the quick coupler and remove the plug. 

4. For the other machines, Push the quick coupler and remove the plug.

5. Push the button. Use the wrench to loosen the wheel. Remove the tool.

6. Hold the tool firmly between your fingers. Use the hex key to remove the little screw. 

7. Carefully replace the knife. Keep the flat part in front of the hole. 

8. Use a new hex key to tighten the tiny screw. 

9. Push the button. Keep turning until the pin falls in the slot. 

10. Use the wrench to tighten the wheel. 

11. Click the cable in the coupler. 

12. Press the gliding disk flat and glide it underneath. Push the button, push the gliding disk up until it clicks. 

13. Press 'Online' in Axis Control.