Info WinPlot: How to create a plt file using WinPlot - How to use SCC as hotfolder

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Create a Queue folder with plot.plt file

1. Create a folder c:\queue

2. Open notepad and save the file as "plot.plt"

Add a Generic Printer to Windows 10 to create plt files.

1. From the Start menu, click Settings.

2. Click Devices.

3. First click ‘printers & scanners’ then ‘add a printer or scanner’.

4. Click the ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ link.

5. First click ‘add a local printer..’ then click ‘next’.

6. first click ‘create a new port’ then select: Local Port.

7. Fill in the path and name of the plt file created. 

8. In the left section, scroll to ‘Generic’ and click on it. In the right section select ‘Generic/Test Only’.          

9. set the name: to_file

10. It is not recommended to share this printer. Click Next to continue

11. At the last page, uncheck: Set as the default printer and click finish.


Settings in WinPlot

1. Start WinPlot.

2. Make sure all designs are closed. Select Design - Cutters - Install Cutter

3. Change the name to Summa_to_file

4. Press manual input:

5. In the dropdown select:

When now outputting the job to the new cutter "Summa_to_file" Winplot will save the data to  "c:\queue\plot.plt" 

Setup hotfolder in Summa Cutter Control 5 (SCC 4 for Legacy cutters)

When you want the cutter to cut immediatly when there is a file added to a folder than you can setup SCC with a hotfolder:

1) Open Summa Cutter Control (in this case shown with version 5):

2) Select Actions - And Choose the folder where you will put the PLT files or where you have setup the Windows Driver + WinPlot to write the plot files

3) To start-up the hotfolder select "Enable Queue" - As soon as a job is set in this queue folder the cutter will start to cut.

In case of using a legacy cutter than Summa Cutter Control 4 would be used:

1) Start SCC4

2) Go to Configuration - Options...

3) Select the Queue tab and set the "Queue Settings", such as the folder location, file extension, delete processed files and enable the queue when ready:

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