S One - Machine does not detect media with dark (colored) backing

Modified on Fri, 04 Jun 2021 at 11:09 AM

When the media loaded has a dark backing or a transparent backing with a dark vinyl than it could be the machine will not detect the media. In that case, for this particular media, the media sensor needs to be set more sensitive to be able to detect that material.

Procedure can only be used when the unit has firmware version 6 or higher. To verify the firmware version press the "i" (info icon) at the home screen:

When firmware needs to be updated please follow instructions on URL: https://support.summa.eu/en/support/solutions/articles/43000628729-firmware-s-one-firmware-upgrade-procedure

To change the media sensor sensitivity proceed as follows:

1) Press Settings:

2) Select Calibrations

3) Go to Media sensor setup

4) Now select "Measure"

5) Load the particular media that can not be detected with one edge halve over the media sensor as shown on the instruction video attached. Than confirm when the media is loaded: 

6) Setting the sensitivity level and trigger level:
a. With the Up and Down key you select the sensitivity level (0 - 4, with sensitivity set to 0 = most sensitive - set to 4 is less sensitive)

b. The vertical line in the middle is the trigger level, the vertical line you can reposition by hand:

7) Detection of the media
When the sensor detects the media you will see the horizontal bar lighting up:
When the bar goes passed the trigger level than the sensor will detect the media. Image below the media will be detected:

When the bar does not go past the trigger level (vertical line) than the sensor will not detect the media. Image below the media will NOT be detected:

Remark, the sensor should not be set too sensitive as it than would detect media when there is not loaded.

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